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“Know your origin it will give your identity”

As new comer in an Aquarium, a small fish-ling was overjoyed seeing the different types of fishes over there. Immediately it went near to each of the fishes and started in trying to identify itself with anyone of the verities there and looking for its identification among them. Every fish had the same structure and the basic elements as fish. They were very attractive.

It was near a Gold fish and it found that the gold fish was very attractive. Out of happiness shouted the small fish,” Yes, I am just same as this gold fish and this is my identity”. The happiness disappeared within a few hours, the small fish was sad, because it saw that it is different from the gold fish in colour.

At the corner of the Aquarium stood a fish, seeing this, the small fish was overwhelmed with joy and said to itself,” Yes it is of the same colour as myself and it swims and as I could and , etc.., and this is my identity”. But the joy did not last for long. As the black fish at the corner moved, the small fish was once again disappointed and became sad. Because, it discovered, the black fish had a long tail and white spots at its body unlike the small fish.

As a frustrated creature, the small fish swam and swam around, hoping to find a fish with which it can identify itself. At one point of time it became tired and stood along the side of the Aquarium. The boy seeing the small fish standing sadly at the side, asked,” Why do you, seems to be very sad?” Replied the small fish, “You brought me here. I am trying to find out my identity by identifying with the different verities of fishes here. They look alike me but not identical as I am.”


Rev Fr.John Thadews




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