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Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Well-Wishers

We, the management of S.F.S Matric. Hr. Sec School Vaniyambadi, welcome you all whole heartedly to this new academic year 2016-2017. We thank our teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents, and well-wishers for the success in the last academic year.With grateful heart, we remember Rev. Fr. S. Wilson Fernando MSFS and Rev. Bro. Michael Raja, who served this school for the last two years and one year respectively.

We thank profusely Rev. Fr. S. Wilson Fernando for his dedicated hard work and service. During his tenure as Principal, the school saw its peak and the best academic results. And the school got a new face with a well-constructed Administrative Block, which contains Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, Physics Lab, Biology and Seminar Hall. It is during this period, SFS organized for the first time Charity Day. SFS will ever remember his service. We too thank Bro Michael Raja for his dedicated work and availability round the clock.

S.F.S School, Vaniyambadi has now a new team of management. It consists of Rev Fr. J. B. John Thadews MSFS (Principal), Rev. Fr. Johnson Sahayaraj MSFS (Correspondent), Rev. Fr. S. Amirthanathan MSFS (Procurator) and Rev Bro F. Eugine Earnestraj MSFS (Regent).

We believe that with the whole hearted cooperation of our teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and well-wishers, we will achieve this goal of holistic educational.We look forward to your support and cooperation for this new academic year.


Rev Fr.John Thadews




Daily Thoughts

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”


About Us


A warm greetings to you dear parents and children. This academic year has to be carved in golden letters in the life of the School and the Students. It make us proud, when we look the achievements that we have achieved during this academic year.
The curriculum of the school is compatible with that of the Central Board and the text books used to educate the students are the government approved private books. The aim of the institute is to make every child fully humane rather than a book worm. To facilitate this noble aim we conduct different programs in various fields every months and award the students.
The students those who appear for the public exam are given special care and there are also seminars and counseling given to the students to avoid stress and to encourage them. We use the XSEED method which is one of those that made a new revolution in the education history in India. We have this system for our LKG and UKG students through which they learn by touching, tasting and experiencing themselves. There are also SMART Classes for the students which helps them in their qualitative learning. The official from the Education department are also making regular visits and encourage our students. Our students also take part regularly in the district and state level competitions and make us proud.
Every parent who takes all the effort to make his/ her child to study in a matriculation school desires that the child should speak in ENGLISH fluently. Looking from the side of the parents we give equal importance to the Spoken English with the other subjects.
To avoid confinement to the class rooms our education curriculum has a study tour for every term. These education trips are arranged in line with the subjects in order to provide the students a comprehensive knowledge of the subject.
To quote from the bible “God rested on the Seventh day after the creation” so also after a hectic working days, Saturday is set apart and the day is occupied with games, Drawing, Singing and other activities to refresh the minds of the students.
Uniqueness is the specialty of humanity. To discover this uniqueness from the students we bring out a periodical named DESALITES DESIGN. This year the periodical was brought out on the theme “TREASURE HUNT”
The safety of the students is given the importance. In this year the compound wall has been build and a new rest room block was also build. As it was in the last year this year also there was identity card for the parents.