Rules of the School

    • Every child has the right to get admission in the school. The ideal age for admission into LKG is 3 Years completed by June 1st of the academic year.
    • While seeking the admission, the parents should bring with them the duly filled school application form attached with the birth certificate of the child.
    • At the time of admission, the child is to be interviewed and tested for his/her intelligence and the capacity to respond to the teaching learning process.
    • Children, who are coming from the other schools, will have to go through the process of interview and entrance examination and if the management finds the performance satisfactory they will be admitted.
    • The above mentioned children will have to bring with them the following requirements:-
    • Recommendation in any form either oral or written invalidated the admission of a child to the school. It implies that an admission is granted only on one’s own ability and merit.

Application for withdrawal should be given by the parents/guardian in writing, Seven days in advance. From the day of the receipt of the application for the T.C., the T.C. will be issued within a week of time. Rs.100/-will be collected separately for issuing the T.C.

    • There are three terminal examinations in a year- September, December and April. Besides, three are three mid-term unit tests.
    • Overall assessment of the student such as P.E.T., Arts, Music, Karate, Dance and Drawing are given at the end of the academic year.
    • No special examination will be conducted for any reason what so ever, either before or after the time fixed for the examination.
    • The progress report should be signed by the parents/guardian and return them promptly to the school.
    • In case the child or the parent looses the progress report due to carelessness, they should make an application for the new progress card.

Working days are divided into two sessions. The morning session is from 9.00 a.m. to 12.10 p.m. and the afternoon session is from 12.50 p.m. to 3.45 p.m.


“To obey God’s order as delivered by conscience is duty, to obey men’s order as issued by rightful authority is discipline. The foundation of both is denial of self for higher good. Unless the lesson of duty by first well learned, the lesson of discipline can be imperfectly understood.

    • Common Norms
      1. Students are expected to be punctual to school, late comers must report to the Principal. They are seldom excused.
      2. School Diary should be up-to-date and be brought to school daily. The condition and the maintenance of it will demonstrate the nature and interest of the child.
      3. Application for leave, even those who applied through letter, should be recorded in the Diary at the column provided.
      4. Leave of absence must be obtained from the Principal only.
      5. Leaves other than for health reasons should be applied through a hand-written letter as per the form provided in the Diary.
      6. Parent/Guardian alone must in every case sign the application for leave. Oral messages will be ignored.
      7. No student must leave the school premises during the school hours without written permission of the Principal. Such permission will be granted only on health ground or on a written request from parents if their child’s presence is highly required unavoidable at home during school hours. If anyone else other than the parents come to take the child out of the school campus during working hours they should produce an authorization from the parents.
      8. Withdrawal of children from class for mere social functions is not recommended because it retards the child’s progress in school and minimizes his/her respect for regular hard work.
      9. Students are not allowed to wear jewelers. The school is not responsible for the loss of jewelry, money or other valuable worn/kept by the children.
      10. Newspaper or periodical should be brought into the school premises without the sanction of the Principal.
      11. Students must be clean and tidy in their person and dress. Students must come in their proper school uniform. Parents are requested to look into that before the child leaves for the school.
      12. Students who fail to show interest and progress in the studies will be asked to leave the school. In such cases parents will be informed and asked to meet the Principal.
      13. Students must behave in a gentle manner both inside and outside the school. They should always remember that the School is judged by their conduct. Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the School building are considered as in disciplined behavior.
      14. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings by having them neatly labeled or named.
      15. The students must be up-to-date in their work. The Principal may look into their books at anytime.
      16. As the medium of instruction is English, the children should be helped to follow their class easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular conversation in a cultured manner in this language at home. In the school campus the students have to speak in English only.
      17. Students are not to take part openly or secretly in any political or Non-academic movements whatsoever. In case of default, their name may be struck off from the Rolls.
      18. Student’s participation in co-curricular activities of the School is compulsory. Parents need to give in writing why they seek exemption from co-curricular activities if they so desire.
      19. Students should take care of the school property. Any damaged done to the School property must be remitted by the offender.
      20. Parents desirous of arranging private tuition for their children with the teachers of the school shall apply to the principal. As per the general rule the practice of private tuition is not encouraged. The teaching will be imparted in such a way themselves sufficiently in the class. Teachers may not accept tuition without first informing the Principal.
      21. Parents and pupils should comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.
    • Rules of Concerning Absence
      1. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class, without the permission of the Principal.
        1. Leave of absence is not granted except on Written Application from Parent / Guardian except in case of unforeseen circumstances.
        2. For marriage within the family only one day’s leave is granted as a rule. Prior sanction is needed.
        3. For lave of absence incase of sickness for less than 3 days, it is sufficient to apply through pages of the school diary on his / her return. Even is such case the submission of a leave letter is recommended and appreciated during his / her absence and considered as a must if the requirement of leave exceeds more than three days. In such case a letter by Parent/Guardian of the child of this effect to be produced along with the medical/doctor’s certificate to the Principal.
        4. Absence from school during test the examination will never be condoned except in case illness provided it is intimated on the same day followed by a medical certificate falling no retest or re-examination will be conducted and no grade / average will be given.
        5. Every absence (sick leave or otherwise) must be entered briefly in the leave record pages in the diary and sighed by the parent/guardian.
      2. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than 10 working days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission will have to be sought.

“Even if the school is very good and the teachers are well qualified, without hard work of the student and co-operation of the parents, it will be of no avail”.

    • Parents are requested to look into the School Diary of their child daily and see that the lessons and home-works assigned for the next day are done. See to that your child devotes 2-4 hours (according to their class) daily to self study, to learn their lesson and do their home assignment.
    • Remarks recorded in the School Diary should be seen and countersigned regularly.
    • The students should be encouraged to cultivate and habituate neatness, punctuality, regularity and discipline.
    • Criticism of your child’s teacher or his / her school in the presence of the child should be scrupulously avoided, because the students may lose respect or his/ her teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him / her. Should you have a legitimate complaint to see the Principal, without the fear of reprisal.
    • The progress of each Pupil is tested by means of Mid Term tests and Terminal examinations. The results of these are communicated to the Parents by means of answer scripts and Progress reports. The parents are requested to sign and return them promptly to the School.
    • The School appreciated the co-operation of the Parents for the day progress of their child. Kindly check up and sign the school Diary for Assignments column / remarks, etc.
    • The principal may be interviewed between 9.20 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. & 02.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. on all working days or on special appointment.