Our Heavenly Patron

St. Francis De Sales was born in an aristocratic family on the 21st August 1567 at Savoy in France. His father was Monsieur De Boisy. He received the best type of education of that time and took Doctorate in Civil and Canon Law from the University of Padua in Italy. After the formal education, his parents wanted him to join the legal profession in the Senate of Savoy, but he was determined to become a priest. In spite of many obstacles, he fulfilled his desire and was Ordained as priest in December 1593. He was made the Bishop of Geneva in 1602.

St. Francis De Sales, known as the ‘Gentleman Saint’, was an able Pastor and Teacher. As a Bishop he preached frequently, visited diocese often; advised people with a paternal care and reformed many monasteries. He was a spiritual director to many people of all classed of the society through his personal interviews and numerous letters. He became one of the greatest men of spiritual life through his world famous writing “The Spiritual Conferences”. He died in Lyon on 28th December 1622 at the age of 55.

Pope Alexander VII canonized Francis De Sales as Saint of the Church in 1661. He was declared “Doctor of the Church” (a great Teacher in 1877 by Pope Pius IX and patron of Catholic journalists and writers by Pius XI in 1923).